My name is Bert Bolz, Founder/Creator of The Electronics Guru, LLC.  I started The Electronics Guru in 2005 as an electronics repair shop servicing all types of electronics.  Seeing the need grow every day and the ever increasing use of digital electronics and computers in vehicles, I took the business in the direction of automotive electronic module repairs in 2007, specializing in instrument panel clusters. 

Having a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering has allowed me to design test equipment for certain vehicle components and have a great understanding of electronics and how they work together.  I have opened 6 mobile shops in various locations across the United States and also offer a mail-in option.

With over 13 years of experience servicing automotive electronic devices,  we now service hundreds of products from all types of automobile manufactures, many with our own specifically designed tests and/or with the manufactures tests.  All of this combined with years of "in the field" experience has given The Electronics Guru many capabilities beyond the ordinary automotive electronics repair shop. 

Our repairs are better than a junkyard part (which may have the same problems), are a lot cheaper than a repair at the dealership or repair shop and you won't have to leave your vehicle there for days!

Our repairs won't affect your mileage or any other setting on your onboard computers and never need to be reprogrammed or flashed.

Thanks for reading!

Bert Bolz



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